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Molly Woppy Limited

Xmas Shortbread Cranberry HEARTS 130g UNIT

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Prepare to fall head over heels for our Festive Shortbread Cranberry Heart Cookies! These little bites of love will make your taste buds swoon, and your heart skip a beat.

Generously mixed with sweet cranberries and a sprinkle of holiday magic, our shortbread cookies are shaped into adorable hearts that will surely melt any Grinch's heart. Made with the finest ingredients and a touch of whimsy, these cookies are pure joy in every bite.

Each heart-shaped treat is carefully baked to perfection, delivering a buttery, golden delight that crumbles ever so delicately in your mouth. But it's not just their irresistible texture that will steal your heart - it's the festive flavour!

Perfect for holiday parties or as a heartfelt gift to that special someone, these cookies bring the spirit of love and joy to every occasion. Share them with your loved ones or keep them all to yourself - we won't judge!

So get ready to spread some holiday cheer with our Festive Shortbread Heart Cookies. Indulge in a little love, a lot of flavor, and a whole bunch of sweet memories. Order now and let the festivities begin!