Hey there, cookie lover! We're Molly Woppy, and we bake scrumptious cookies.


Not just any old cookies though - we bake award winning cookies generously crammed full of locally and ethically sourced ingredients and we're on a mission to bring joy to the world through our love of baking cookies.

Our artisan cookies are made in New Zealand with locally and ethically sourced ingredients. We've got a wide variety of flavours (including gluten free and plant based options) that will make you say "Mmmmmm" (which is basically the same as saying "thank you" when it comes to food).

We’re obsessed with creating Love at First Bite® creating and baking cookies that give the happy, homemade feeling that makes life good and every day yum.

Molly Woppy cookies are so good that they'll make your eyes roll back in your head and your heart explode with joy. Our handcrafted artisan cookies will knock your socks off and leave you wondering how anything could taste so delicious. In fact, our cookies are so good they'll make your life better just by eating one (and it's okay if you eat more than one) - we encourage it.


  • Simone, Google Review

    "Thank you for your speedy delivery and excellent service. I ordered gingerbread cookies for my son who absolutely loves them, particularly the different colours of the eyes and buttons. The cookies are consistently in one piece and the product meets expectations every time."

  • S, Google Review

    "Bought ANZAC biscuits to help celebrate ANZAC Day here in New Zealand. Unfortunately, they are so good that I have just about eaten them all and ANZAC Day is still 6 days away!! Yummy recipe, not too sweet as some biscuits are. I might just have to get some more".

  • Jennifer, Google Review

    "Amazing ginger cookies! Hard to stop with one. Or two."