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Hello There!

Look, we want to get something off our chest. We’re crazy about cookies. It all began with the biscuit factory–you might even say cookie factory–in our family kitchen around two decades ago.

Our story is simple: we love what we do.

We believe cookies are the perfect vehicle for bringing joy into the world, and we're here to spread that joy with our handmade scrumptious artisan cookies.

We are passionate about baking with skill and authenticity using traditional home-baking methods and our recipes have been meticulously developed by real foodies and chefs (NOT technicians and manufacturers).

Our cookies are a little bit more than just cookies. They are handmade using only the best ingredients, so you get more of the choc chunks, tangy apricot or chewy dates you want.

Proudly New Zealand-owned and 100% New Zealand-made, we source ingredients from NZ suppliers whenever we can to produce the best-tasting cookies ever.

Alistair Parker & Hayley Molloy

Our Journey

We've been baking artisan cookies for twenty years and started out in the family kitchen, making biscotti. We were worried that no one would buy them, but they did! People love our cookies!

And now we're all grown up and in supermarkets and gourmet foods stores, handcrafting and baking a range of cookies including gluten-free and plant-based cookies. We'll never forget where we came from, though—because it's true: you have to start small before you can grow big!

Our Bakery

Behind every great brand is a team of dedicated and passionate people who believe in their product. We're no different.

We started out as a little bakery in West Auckland and have since grown into our own factory, employing over 20 people. But while we've grown, our principles remain the same: we pride ourselves on consistent quality and reliable service.