At Molly Woppy we believe in sharing the love and that includes caring for our environment.

We're committed to making sustainable choices for all our products, to make our delicious treats memorable and convenient. We are big believers in ensuring that we make the right choices to minimise our impact on the environment. This is really important to us.  That said, putting this into action is easier said than done. 

Within the production of our products we source ingredients from suppliers where
agriculture environmental standards are well controlled.  We work with production partners who have sustainable sources and those who minimise the waste that’s sent to landfill.  Our priority is to source NZ ingredients where possible to help minimise our carbon footprint.

Food packaging can be a challenge but with new, innovative options becoming available we look for ways to continually improve and evolve as new technology develops.

Our packaging is currently printed on card that is sourced from sustainably managed and certified forests and printed using vegetable-based ink. We work with our production partner who have many accreditations, including Toitu Carbon Zero Certification, which is widely recognized as New Zealand’s most credible measure of sustainability.

The plastic we use for our packaging is Grade 5 – this material keeps our cookies fresh and avoids unnecessary food waste.

It’s also recyclable and we are working on initiatives to promote and encourage our customers to utilise the Soft Plastic Recycling System that is already available in supermarkets nationwide. Our shipping cartons are 100% recyclable, from a sustainable company who go “full circle”, collecting waste and turning it into valuable packaging – right here in NZ.

As a hand-made gourmet food producer, we have very little machinery, our consumption of energy is minimal, therefore our impact on the environment is minimal too. We aim to use everything, recycle anything and waste nothing!

You can read more and keep up with the latest news on what we are doing for our Environment over on our blog.

In 2022 we became a supporter of Trees That Count - a conservation charity that is dedicated to planting and educating trees around New Zealand. You can find more out about them by watching the video below.

Trees That Count - One Million Trees