Wholesale Cookies

We love that you are thinking about being a part of the Molly Woppy family! We’d like to introduce ourselves and share our passion (bordering on obsession) for real food done well. Our too-good-not-to share products are a real labour of love and we pride ourselves on bringing our delicious, full of flavour, artisan-quality, handmade range to the market.

It all started when top chef Alistair Parker started baking his biscotti recipe at home. Since then we’ve tinkered with ideas to create our range of classic recipes with fresh modern flavours, for food lovers everywhere. Over the years we’ve made a lot of cookies and grown into a thriving business. Our cookies are now sold in cafes and food stores up and down New Zealand, but we remain a family business, with a whole lot of love in everything we make.
There’s a little bit of magic in every mouthful with honest recipes, crafted with passion and creative flair. Kiwi favourites, such as our iconic gingerbread man, bring a little cheeky charm and a whole lot of yum! Our products offer a twist and a unique flavour to enjoy. The extensive range has sweet and savoury products,
as well as gluten and dairy free options so everyone
can find a flavour to savour.
We go to ridiculous lengths to make our food seriously delish! We’re crazy about finding the zingiest ginger, the chewiest cranberries, the chunkiest choc chips, and all the scrummiest ingredients we can find. While our company and product range grows, we are dedicated to retaining the same passion for quality that made people fall in love at first bite® with our cookies.
Our attention to detail doesn’t end with our recipes! We’re also committed to leaving as little impact on the planet as possible by working with sustainable
and low-waste ingredients and suppliers, partnering with locals wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint, and using vegetable inks in packaging. We believe you should feel good about more than just the flavour of your food!
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