The appetite to shop local has never been more significant, and if we have learnt anything over the last two plus years, buying NZ-made products is imperative to supporting our local economy.

Buying NZ Made isn't a brand-new concept though – the campaign has been around since 1988 and even earlier when there was a 'New Zealand Industries Week' back in 1908! Click HERE to watch a great video from Buy NZ Made that looks back over the campaign.

So, why Shop Local?

When you shop locally, you make a personal investment in your neighbourhood; it's crucial to the growth of our economy and has a positive knock-on effect for other local businesses too. Cultivating community relationships is both economically and mentally important. Knowing that you are supporting your neighbourhood has a personal feel-good factor attached to it.

Bag with Shop Local and Handmaking Gingerbread Men

Another benefit to buying NZ-made is that the business you have brought from is bound by our strict minimum wage and employment laws; also, food made in NZ often has more transparency on where its ingredients come from,  all of this makes it easier on you to be a conscious consumer. We encourage everyone to go out and support a NZ Business when shopping - whether it's your local coffee shop, artisan bread maker, local butchery or treating yourself to a box of our cookies ... it all counts.

Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. – Anna Lappe

Supporting local in terms of Molly Woppy means sourcing our ingredients from New Zealand suppliers where possible, donating to local food banks and charities and networking with our local community to show support to our neighbourhood businesses.

We are Kiwi born and raised and are proud to be 100% made with love in New Zealand. Find out more about us here. There's so much passion in what we do, and we want to bring everyone joy through our love of baking delicious cookies.


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