The word Artisan gets thrown about a lot and the true meaning of the word, and how it relates to what you are purchasing can be 'cloudy'. It's your lucky day, though, read on, and we will explain what it means to us and how Molly Woppy IS a truly Artisan product.

Artisan food is produced by hand and is made with premium ingredients - it isn't manufactured or mass produced. The recipe could have been handed down over generations or its main ingredient is grown locally … typically an Artisan food producer will have a story behind them, and Molly Woppy is no exception - we have a great one.

The idea for Molly Woppy came about when Alistair was working as a chef in one of Auckland's top restaurants. In his early years in London, he worked with some amazing, talented chefs, where he learnt the art of making biscotti. Coming back to New Zealand and tweaking it to perfection, he made his biscotti in the restaurant he worked in. Customers fell in love with it, and Molly Woppy was born.

His love of creating simple, honest, delicious baking then grew from biscotti to cookies. Each of our cookies are baked from an uncomplicated recipes full of premium ingredients that taste incredible ... we want our cookies to be just as good as homemade ones.


Molly Woppy Biscotti

We are proud of what we produce at Molly Woppy and are passionate about what we do. When you buy a box of our cookies, you can trust you are getting a handcrafted artisan product. We firmly believe in doing the right thing - Molly Woppy is made by and baked by principled people who care about quality.


Artisan Food Quote


Our cookies give a feeling of nostalgia when you eat them. Growing up in New Zealand, you probably recognize some of our flavour combinations from childhood. For example, our Choccy Coconut Ruff cookies are like the famous kiwi Chocolate Coconut Slice. Our Lemon Moments are another classic, as is our melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbread made with NZ butter.


Artisan Baking

Artisan food doesn't just taste amazing – it's also more sustainable. Because we create batches on a smaller scale by hand, we have less food waste, and our ingredients are as local as we can source. This means fewer food miles; essentially, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, eating Artisan is an excellent way to go.

Shopping local is paramount when considering how we can support our local economy. You can't get more local than an Artisan food producer. By purchasing from them, you are investing your money back into a local business and supporting other local companies they are buying from.

"You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same." – Anonymous

Another reason to fall in love with artisan food is the food is typically 'cleaner'. It has less bad stuff (food colours, preservatives, processed) and more good stuff (natural vanilla, real butter, free-range eggs). At Molly Woppy, we value sourcing local and ethical ingredients and then cramming our cookies full of them so that every bite is magical. We want people to remember our food, share it with their family and friends, and then pass that joy on to their children.

Molly Woppy is all about sharing the love, and we love hearing how our cookies bring people joy – it's why we bake them … they are simply too good not to share, and that's how we like it.

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