It's finally coming to the end of winter here in New Zealand, and this year we have had a particularly wet one. Not good for the Vitamin D levels, and most of us are ready to welcome Spring. However, as this past week has proven, it's not over yet!

On a windy, wet day, one of our favourite things is to head into the kitchen, get the oven on and bake some comfort food! Cold winter days give you the perfect excuse to rug up, eat some scrummy food and watch a good movie. It's one of life's guilt-free winter pleasures and it's our human form of winter hibernation. We all need a bit of extra padding to brave the colder months, and what better way to achieve that goal than to bake some flavourful treats.

We usually do the baking for you and we love to make our cookies taste as home-made as possible. We know cookies taste better when they are kept simple and full of premium delicious ingredients. We also know that not everyone has time to bake but don't let it worry you because Molly Woppy has your back. We are the next best thing to baking a batch of your favourite cookies at home and proud of it. 


Molly Woppy Chocolate Biscuits


Being made in NZ means we are local, and our cookies taste just like really good home baked ones so you can pretty much claim us as your own, and nobody will know. If your friends question it - they are probably just jealous of your unique ability to bake a moreish batch of the best home made cookies they've ever tasted at a moment's notice. Unless they've seen our box that you didn't quite get rid of properly, then the cat is out of the bag. No doubt, after finding out about your homemade biscuit secret, they will jump on the Molly Woppy cookie train too - but that's ok; plenty of room for everyone ... we believe 100% in sharing the love.

Our cookies not only taste amazing, but you can also use them when baking other delicious treats. Using your favourite Molly Woppy biscuits in cheesecake bases, slices, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and more is a no-brainer. Not only can Molly Woppy cookies elevate your favourite dessert (check out our Zingy Ginger Delight Banoffee recipe HERE), you can come up with some pretty amazing creations, just like Abbey Macfie did when she created these drool-worthy Jaffa Cheesecake Brownies using our Limited Edition Triple Choccy Fudge Cookies! We asked her to come up with a delicious recipe using our cookies that you can try at home, and your welcome … because she has hit the spot with this one!


Molly Woppy Triple Choccy Fudge Biscuits Chocolate Cookies


Will you give it a go? We hope so! Tag us in, or send us a photo - we love to see what you've created at home! You can find our Limited Edition Triple Choccy Fudge cookies online or find at stockist at



  • 200g Dark Chocolate
  • 125g Butter
  • 1 Tbsp Cocoa
  • 200g Plain Flour
  • 50g Ground Almonds
  • 1/4 Tsp Baking Powder
  • 175g Brown Sugar
  • 1 Pack of Molly Woppy Triple Choccy Fudge cookies


  • 500g Cream Cheese
  • 90g Caster Sugar
  • Zest & juice 1 Orange
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Free-range Eggs
  • 1/2 pack of Molly Woppy Triple Choccy Fudge cookies
  • 1 Tbsp Long Sprinkles


    • Preheat oven to 180 fan bake. Grease and line a 20cm tin.
    • Melt the chocolate and butter over a low heat.
    • Place the cocoa, flour, almonds, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. add the melted chocolate mixture and the eggs and mix well. Pour into the prepared tin.
    • Top the brownie with the cookies in a single layer, pressing them in slightly. Set aside.


    • Beat the cream cheese, sugar, zest and juice with the whisk attachment, or a hand beater until smooth. Add the vanilla and eggs and beat until well combined.
    • Pour the cheesecake mixture over the brownie and smooth out evenly. Crumble over the cookies, pressing in slightly and then add the sprinkles.
    • Bake aprox 35-40 mins, or until cooked with a slight wobble.
    • Cool completely in the fridge before cutting.


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