Exciting News About Our Tree Donation to Trees That Count!

Exciting News About Our Tree Donation to Trees That Count!

Our Trees That Count donation was matched to Trees For Survival and we couldn’t be happier!

When we read about the work that Trees For Survival do we felt excited to be a part of it. It's great to know that not only will our donated native trees be planted along waterways to halt erosion – Trees for Survival educate our schoolkids at the same time. Educating and passing this knowledge onto our young people means we will have more of us looking after our environment into the future and that's a good thing!



“Trees for Survival is a charitable trust which works with over 150 schools and local communities across New Zealand to grow and plant native trees along waterways and on erosion prone hillsides. Our environmental education programme provides an opportunity for schoolchildren to make a practical difference to their environment as well as learn about conservation, revegetation, wetland restoration and protecting stream quality.”



Knowing where our tree donation went to and that it’s supporting local is one of the reasons that we chose Trees That Count to donate to. By funding 100 native trees through Trees That Count we’re mitigating some of our impact on the environment and helping to protect New Zealand’s biodiversity – that’s good for our carbon footprint AND good for New Zealand. You can find out more about Trees That Count HERE.

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