The Golden Anzac Biscuit: A Kiwi Classic

The Golden Anzac Biscuit: A Kiwi Classic

The Golden Anzac Biscuit is a Kiwi classic. It’s rich, buttery and sweet but also has a lightness and crunch that makes it a bit of an all-rounder.

There are wide varieties of this delicious biscuit out there - there are super-chewy ones, mega-crisp ones, and ones with dried fruit or chocolate in them and while they all have their own charms, the best ones are those that strike the right balance between buttery and crisp – like our traditional Molly Woppy Anzac cookies. 

Molly Woppy Anzac Biscuits

The history of Anzac biscuits dates back to World War I when New Zealand and Australian soldiers were sent to Gallipoli, Turkey. It's thought that the biscuits were originally made by wives and women's groups who sent them to their soldiers abroad because the ingredients did not spoil easily, and the biscuits were kept well during naval transportation. However, according to the National Army Museum, they had a slightly different beginning.

The majority of rolled oats biscuits were in fact sold and consumed at fetes, galas, parades and other public events at home, to raise funds for the war effort. This connection to the troops serving overseas led to them being referred to as “soldier’s biscuits”. Fundraising was coordinated by local Patriotic Funds, raising 6.5 million pounds for the New Zealand war effort. After WWI, the most popular rolled oat biscuit had the name and association of Anzac applied to it and thus the legend of the Anzac biscuit began.

No matter the origin, they remain popular to bake and devour today. In fact, many Kiwis (and Australian kids) will have fond memories of making these cookies in the kitchen at home ... and no doubt sneaking the odd one before they got into the oven. 

Traditional Anzac Biscuit Tin

Just like you bake at home, our Anzac cookies are scooped and handmade in small batches. Golden syrup is the key ingredient in Anzac cookies and not only binds the cookies but also gives a rich, warm toffee-like flavour.

We love the ANZAC biscuit. It's a great way to get a little something sweet on the table, but it's not too rich or indulgent. It is a simple, homely and humble biscuit that has been enjoyed by generations of Kiwis and remains a firm favourite to this day.

The Molly Woppy Anzac Cookies are available in a 600-gram bulk bag online, in our small Grab'N'Go range or you can find our Anzac cookies in cookie jars at your local cafe nationwide ready to dunk in your favourite hot drink.

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