Sharing the Love with our Community and Avoiding Food Waste

Sharing the Love with our Community and Avoiding Food Waste

You’ll often hear us talking about ‘sharing the love’, and that’s because it’s part of our ‘why’ in everything that we do. The Molly Woppy journey began in the home kitchen of Alistair and Hayley over two decades ago. They wanted to share their love and passion for good, simple food done well, and that’s what we have been doing ever since. Watch our company video and find out all about us HERE.


When we talk about sharing the love, we are not only talking about our delicious cookies - we are also talking about sharing the love with our environment and our community.


Food waste is an environmental issue that most of us don’t know or think about. In a nutshell, when food goes into our landfill, it’s deprived of oxygen. As it breaks down, it releases harmful greenhouse gases (Methane) into the environment, which is highly detrimental. Ironically we have people in New Zealand suffering from food poverty. It makes sense that instead of good food going into a landfill, it is distributed to people who need it.  


Molly Woppy Kiwi Harvest Food Donation


Knowing that Christmas, in particular, is a tough time for many kiwi families, we wanted to spread Christmas cheer with our seasonal cookies, so we went to work to find a way to make a donation to get them to people who needed them the most. Throughout the year, we support Vision West, and they picked up some of our Christmas goodies to distribute to local families. We also got in touch with KiwiHarvest. KiwiHarvest works with food industry businesses (restaurants, supermarkets, manufacturers and producers) to rescue good food and distribute it to families that need it. They take donations of food that can’t be sold but is still good to eat or food from companies looking to support their community.




If food waste and food poverty is something that you’d like to do something about, find out how you can get involved with Kiwi Harvest HERE.


Wanting to reduce your food waste at home? We have 5 ideas on how you can take charge in your own kitchen, and possibly save money on your grocery bill while helping the planet.


  • Meal Plan - if you are prepared and buy what you need for your food plan, you will likely avoid food waste.


  • Freeze Leftovers and Use them for Lunches - this is both planet-friendly and wallet-friendly.


  • Store Food Appropriately - don’t let your food rot away because you left it in the pantry when it needed to go into the fridge.



  • Shop with a Food List (and don’t overbuy things you don’t need) - many of us get home from shopping and realise when we go to put it away that we already had two of the same item; these items often end up expiring before we get to use them.


Shopping List and Food Planning Reduce Food Waste


Here at Molly Woppy, we avoid food waste as much as possible. Our packaging is designed to keep our cookies fresh whilst still being recyclable. Our cookies are handmade, which means we can minimise wastage - just like you would at home baking cookies, we batch make our cookies and keep rolling until every bit is used. Find out more about how we take care of our environment by clicking HERE.


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