There is just over a week to go until Mother’s Day - one of the only days of the year that Mum can officially get out of doing anything using three words … ‘it’s Mother’s Day’ ... and it's also the day to celebrate everything that they do and show them the love and appreciation they deserve. 

Mother’s come in different forms – your Mum could be a grandma or a dad who is wearing both hats, your house may have two Mums (if so - double celebrations – whoop!). We think a mum is best described as a person in your life who is there day in and day out, putting on plasters, making lunch boxes, giving cuddles and sometimes a time-out, making sure the favourite jeans are washed, giving you love and support no matter what you do. 

On Mother's Day she can rightly ask for unlimited amounts of coffee or wine to be poured at her discretion and there's no expectation of housework - unless she chooses to (let's remember - it’s her special day, so she gets to do what she wants).

She is open to receiving gifts and handmade cards and she will more than likely be expecting a delicious homemade breakfast or to be taken out to the local café. All-day long she gets to pick what’s on the box or playing on the car stereo – we repeat ALL DAY LONG, after all, Mother’s Day does not end until Midnight. 

Here at Molly Woppy, we love to celebrate the special people in our lives - especially with tasty food. Our cookies are mixed with love, a little bit of cheekiness and a whole lot of fun - we pack as much happiness into our products as we can so that you can share them with the people you love – it’s what we are all about.  

Sharing good food together is a delicious way to show someone the love and our Gingerbread heart cookies, or Shortbread Daisies make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that bring joy and sharing laughter over a coffee and a cookie can make her day.

Molly Woppy Mother's Day Cookies

We have asked our Molly Woppy Mum’s here in the office what their top ideas are, and how they like to celebrate Mother’s Day and we are sharing them with you to give you inspiration for the upcoming day. Here are our top picks for celebrating Mother’s Day: 

  • Homemade Breakfast in Bed complete with handmade cards and flowers from the garden. 
  • Take the kids out for a couple of hours or more and let Mum have the house to herself for the afternoon. 
  • Send her a care package if she lives away – filled with goodies, and our Cookies … of course. You can make this up yourself or keep it easy and send a gift box. We have curated some lovely gift box ideas for you - linked below. 
  • Spend a family day out together – catch a movie, go shopping, eat good food or visit the local museum or art gallery, take a day trip and stop for lunch on the way. 
  • Book lunch at a favourite café, restaurant, or vineyard - either for your immediate household or plan a big family lunch to include all the Mums from the extended family. 
  • Book her a ‘spa’ day where she can have a facial, massage, get her nails and brows done.  
  • Plan a potluck dinner with your siblings to surprise Mum at home .
  • If your mum lives out of town, surprise her with a visit and make a whole weekend of it.  
  • Bring over afternoon tea with Molly Woppy cookies, takeaway coffee, and a bunch of gorgeous flowers. 
  • Book a Bach for the weekend – either just for yourselves or include grandparents and siblings … doing puzzles, going for walks, watching a movie, and sharing good food … creating memories is what life is all about.  

No matter how you celebrate or what you do we hope you have a fantastic day showing some love to the Mum or Mother figure(s) in your life.

If you have received a gift box before, you will often find Molly Woppy inside. We love seeing our cookies pop up all over the place - making people happy and bringing joy! We have curated a few Mother's Day gift boxes below and there are many more out there that are just as beautiful (give it a Google)! It's such a wonderful idea to send a box of treats to someone special and we are so grateful and proud to be included in them.

Mother's Day Gift Boxes New Zealand
  1. About Giving 
  2. The Good Gift
  3. Not Socks
  4. Foraged and Curated
  5. Spoil Me
  6. Packaged with Love
  7. My Care Package
  8. The Hamper Spot
  9. Augustine (Build a Box)
  10. Gift Box Boutique
  11. Celebration Box
  12. Bloom Berry NZ




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