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Our Dark Choc Caramel Popcorn Plant-based Cookie is officially an Award-winning Cookie!

Our cookies have consistently won awards at the ONZFPA over the years and this year, we are incredibly proud to announce we won an award for a plant-based cookie!

Our delicious Dark Choc Caramel Popcorn cookie was the ONLY plant-based cookie to receive an award, and we won a Bronze (how cool is that!), putting them firmly on the ‘must try list’ for anyone wanting egg-free, dairy-free cookies.

Plant-based cookies are hard to get right, and actually, baking plant-based anything is tricky. When we decided to enter our plant-powered range into the Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards this year, we knew it would be challenging.

It can be hard for our vegan community to find great-tasting baked goods - there’s not a lot around, and the ones on the market can taste like cardboard. The reality is baking without eggs and butter can be incredibly hard. Winning a Bronze Medal at the ONZFPA is always amazing but made even sweeter when you realise that you are the ONLY plant-based cookie to get a medal!


Finally - a plant-based, vegan-friendly cookie that tastes so good they are award-worthy!


Our Dark Choc Caramel Popcorn cookie is reminiscent of sitting down to watch the latest flick at the movies. Close your eyes and picture a golden oaty cookie filled with real dark chocolate chips and then topped with delicious Sweet As Caramel Popcorn. If you are one of the smart cookies who eat their chocolate with a handful of popcorn at the movies, you will know the taste … and it’s heaven in a handful. These are seriously THE perfect cookies for vegans!




    The Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards are run yearly with Life and Leisure Magazine. 

    Life and Leisure run these awards to celebrate Kiwis who harvest, grow, and produce the delicious food we love, and we are all for it! Each year the call for entry email arrives, and we excitedly get ready to enter. Putting our cookies in the hands of a panel of judges who blind taste them is just about as nerve-wracking as making plant-based cookies in itself! Take a peek behind the judging scenes by reading this blog by Lucy Corry.



    "2022 has been the most exciting year for the Awards to date. Each year has seen not only growth in the number of entries, but the quality of the food products continues to rise and rise in every category. Of course, this makes the judges’ task harder with each competition year by year, but fortuitously it becomes a source of endless discovery and delight. As the expert judging team this year tasted their way through the more than 300 submitted products over the two days, there were many squeals of surprise at both the incredible flavours and the wide range of noted innovative and traditional entries. Consumers who seek the very best can be absolutely reassured that any product displaying any of these medals are guaranteed to be high quality and more importantly, delicious" - Head Judge, Lauraine Jacobs.


    Plant-based Food is Trending!

    It’s no secret that plant-based food is better for the planet. In fact, according to a recent article from The Guardian – even if you don’t go all out vegan, making some plant-based choices can make a difference to our climate. 



    At Molly Woppy, we believe in baking for everyone, and we wanted to create a delicious range of cookies for vegans and everyone looking for more planet-friendly options on the shelf.

    We are so proud to add our plant-based Dark Choc Caramel Popcorn cookie to our award-winning alumni of cookies listed below. They are truly for everyone to enjoy, love and share!

    • Salted Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Bites (Gold, 2021)
    • White Choc-Dipped Ginger Fingers Gingerbread (Silver, 2021)
    • Passionfruit Shortbread Bites (Silver, 2021)
    • Cranberry Dark Choccy Chunk (Bronze, 2020)
    • Gingerbread Kids (Bronze, 2019)
    • Milk Choccy Chunk (Bronze, 2019)

    You can shop our plant-based range of cookies HERE

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