How to Create Beautiful Gift Boxes

How to Create Beautiful Gift Boxes

So, you've decided to give a gift hamper. That's great! There are many benefits to giving a gift hamper - it will make someone feel special, it can be thoughtful ... and thoughtful people are just the best kind of people in this world.  

Gift hampers are a terrific way to show someone that you care. They can be fun to put together, and you can be super creative with what goes inside. Making your own gift basket is an easy gift to make. You don't need any specific skills or equipment; all you need is some creativity and time on your hands! If you're not sure where to start with creating your own hamper, we have plenty of ideas for you below that will inspire you. 

There's nothing quite like opening an amazing gift full of delicious treats while also knowing how much thought went into selecting each item inside and your loved one will appreciate all your effort in creating something special and unique just for them.

However, if you are time-poor and the thought of making your own gives you a headache, we have a number of fabulous Gift Box companies who use Molly Woppy in their gorgeous hampers and gift boxes. You'll find them HERE on our stockist list.

Giftboxes that Contain Molly Woppy Cookies and Biscuits
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Size does matter. 

One of the first things to consider when choosing a medium for your gift hamper is whether it's suitable for your product and what size you want to fill. Once you know that you need to think about the size of the products you are going to fill it with. Smaller can be better - that way, you can fit a few items in rather than just one or two, our Pantry Pack size boxes are perfect for gift box filling.

You want the items you choose to fit snugly - this will reduce the risk of damage from transit and if you're making a hamper that will include fragile items, like glassware or China, it might not be a clever idea to use cardboard as the base material. Cardboard can get crushed very easily and won't provide much protection from bumps and bruises along the way--and that wouldn't make anyone happy! 

If you are sending your gift box overseas or via courier - make sure it's not too big or flimsy that it will get damaged or cost a fortune to send. If you plan to hand deliver it, size won't necessarily be an issue and you can use a basket. Whatever you land on, it's always nice to choose something that the recipient will want to keep afterwards - a nice box can be used to house mementoes and a pretty basket used for a plant or picnic; the options are endless.


Plain Giftbox

Start building your gift box with a good product. 

The next step to making a beautiful gift hamper is to start with an excellent product ... one that's made with care and attention using premium ingredients - like a box of Molly Woppy cookies!  

We all know great products are made by people who care about what they do and at Molly Woppy we want our customers to be happy with our cookies. That's why we always go extra and our cookies are crammed full of premium locally and ethically sourced ingredients. When you bite into a Molly Woppy cookie; you get a mouthful of magic. No skimping, just deliciousness. Plus our cookie boxes are bright and colourful and give you the option of having a colour theme to your gift box.


Molly Woppy Cookies

Presentation matters. 

It's not just the contents that matter but also how you present them. The packaging of your hamper should reflect its contents and give a sense of occasion. 

If you're giving a food hamper, for example, consider using tissue paper to wrap in between items and you could also use twine or ribbon as an alternative to tape -it'll add an extra touch while keeping everything secure during transit! 

The best gift boxes have a combination of great products, beautiful packaging and care taken in the presentation. A little bit of thoughtfulness added to it all will produce an amazing result that captures the joy and happiness you want to give your loved ones! 

No matter what you fill it with, everyone loves good food. And what's more fun than sharing a gift basket full of delicious snacks? The best part is that there are so many options when it comes to making hampers that you can get really creative with any theme or occasion! We have a few simple ideas below: 

  • For a busy mum or friend: A gift basket full of Molly Woppy cookies, a copy of the latest interiors magazine, a bottle of wine and a big bar of quality chocolate will say "thank you" in style. 
  • For someone who loves to entertain: A box of our Tasty'N'Cheesy Bites, a bottle of NZ wine, delicious NZ-made hummus, crackers, and cheese. 
  • For anyone who appreciates good coffee: A bag of fellow (and a favourite) NZ-made Raglan Roast filter coffee, a plunger and lots of Molly Woppy cookies will make their morning cup even more enjoyable. 

Whether you make your own or use a gift box company, gift hampers are a wonderful way to show someone you care. They can be as simple or lavish as you like, but the most important thing is that they're thoughtful and filled with things that make people happy - and that's what it's all about.

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