Halloween Cookies for the Baking-challenged!

Halloween Cookies for the Baking-challenged!

Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated in New Zealand but over the years it’s crept in … whether it’s trick or treating or school Halloween parties – like it or not, BOO ... it’s here.


It’s one of those times of year that some of us who are baking-challenged drop dead ... with dread. All of the amazing Pinterest looking cookies start filling up our newsfeeds and can give us anxiety (or false hope that we will nail it) but … NOT this year! … read on for the Molly Woppy cheats version of Halloween 'baking' ideas for 2021!


First of all ... forget baking your own cookies. I mean, who has the time (or ability) when you can just pop to the shop and grab some delicious Molly Woppy Cookies to decorate as per our ideas below.


Witches Hats

These ones are SUPER easy. You will need a box or two of our Choccy Coconut Ruff cookies, some icing and some Hershey chocolate kisses. Simply colour the icing purple or orange, pipe onto the cookie and place the kiss on top and you will have a plate of Witches Hats to share.


Mummy Biscuits

We’d go with our Dark Choc Caramel Popcorn cookies for these, you’ll also need dark chocolate drops and white icing. Simply drizzle the white icing over the cookie to make it look like a mummy, then use it to make two round white circles for eyes and pop a chocolate drop on for the pupil.




Another idea is to create a showstopper Pumpkin Lantern Platter. You’ll impress everyone with this, and they’ll be copying you next year … no doubt about it. Use our Tasty’N’Cheesy bites, Oaty Apricot Super Seedy cookies and Lemon Moment bites in between rows of carrot sticks, mango, dried apricots and blueberries to finish off your masterpiece!


Wherever you are, no matter how you are celebrating we hope you enjoy the Halloween weekend with a scary movie or two and if you do give these scary Molly Woppy creations a try ... share the love and tag us in. Happy Halloween!


Images and ideas all from Pinterest.


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