Connings Food Market x Molly Woppy Cookies

Connings Food Market x Molly Woppy Cookies

Located in Nelson, New Zealand, Connings Food Market is a testament to the Conning family's dedication to providing premium, farm-fresh produce to the local community. Established over 40 years ago by Robbie and Cheryl Conning, the market started as a humble vegetable garden on the Waimea Plains, specializing in cabbages, carrots, and potatoes. As their farm grew, the family opened Brightwater Country Fresh, offering fresh produce straight from the farm. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Conning family led their sons - Simon, Toby, and Ben - to expand the business by launching Farm Fresh in 2017. This roadside stall quickly gained popularity, inspiring the brothers to create Connings Food Market, marking a new chapter in the family's farming legacy.

Sharing a commitment to delivering top-notch, locally sourced goods to our customers, we are delighted to have our cookies available at Connings Food Market.

At Molly Woppy, we take pride in the ingredients that go into our artisan cookies, making sure to source local wherever possible. Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart.

Similarly, Connings Food Market takes great care in growing their produce, ensuring that it's fresh, delicious, and free from harmful chemicals.


By prioritising quality over quantity and focusing on traditional methods of production, both Connings and Molly Woppy can provide customers with products that are truly unique and unmatched in taste. The shared commitment to integrity and passion for artisanal products make Connings and Molly Woppy a perfect match for customers looking for quality, locally sourced options.

So, the next time you find yourself in Nelson, basking in the sunny weather and picturesque surroundings, make sure to pay a visit to Connings Food Market, you won't be disappointed.


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