Coeliac Awareness Week is this month and this year's theme is ‘Thriving: Living Your Best Coeliac Life'. Coeliac New Zealand provides a wealth of information and support to people living with Coeliac Disease – you can visit their website HERE

“The aim of this year’s campaign is to raise awareness of how people with coeliac disease can really thrive and live their best life while eating safe gluten free food. The theme, ‘Thriving: Living Your Best Coeliac Life’ aims to inspire those living with coeliac disease to live well every day and build a greater understanding about the need for gluten free food to be safe and accessible for people with coeliac disease. Throughout the week we aim to raise awareness and educate New Zealanders that coeliac disease is a serious inflammatory condition but with the right support, people with coeliac disease can truly thrive.” - Coeliac NZ

And what better way to live your best Coeliac life than to enjoy lots of gluten-free cookies?

In 2005 we launched our gluten-free cookie range, and it fast became one of our top sellers. We are obsessed with creating delicious everyday treats that taste just like homemade and through many trials, we perfected our gluten-free cookies, in part, by making our own blend of gluten-free flour (top secret, of course).

Like our ‘normal’ cookies our gluten-free cookies contain high quality ingredients using New Zealand butter and free-range eggs. They are certified and endorsed by Coeliac NZ giving confidence to shoppers with the Crossed Grain Logo.

At Molly Woppy we bake for everybody and are incredibly proud of our gluten-free range which offers our customer’s a treat food that they can share with everyone.

“If a family member has the condition, they often need separate toasters, cutlery and chopping boards to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. With an estimated 100,000 people living with the disease in New Zealand, the number of people affected by coeliac disease is significantly more when taking into account the wider impact of families,” Coeliac NZ General Manager, Wendy Bremmer.

Molly Woppy Gluten Free Cookies

Our award-winning and delicious handmade Milk Choccy Chunk cookies are crammed with chunks of chocolate and come in our Artisan cookie range and our Pantry Pack bite size cookie range.

Positively plant-powered and gluten-free our handmade Choccy Coconut Ruff artisan cookies tick all the boxes! Toasted coconut and real dark chocolate go into these crunchy vegan-friendly cookies.

Filled with sweet sun-kissed dates, walnuts, and chia seeds our handmade artisan Sticky Date Walnut & Chia cookies are award-winners, being given a silver medal in the Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards 2019.

You'll be bordering on a cookie obsession with our handmade Milk Choccy Chunk gluten-free cookie bites. Made with NZ butter, free-range eggs, real chocolate, and no artificial colours or flavours these cookie bites truly are Love At First Bite®

We also have our two Grab'N'Go cafe sized cookies that you can find on countertops nationwide - available in our Milk Choccy Chunk and Choccy Coconut Ruff flavours.

Shop our gluten-free cookies at your local supermarket, retailer or online HERE

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