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Molly Woppy Limited

Gingerbread Bulk Gingerkid 12pk BAG

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Picture this: a magical cookie jar brimming with our 100% natural Gingerbread Kids cookies, ready to sprinkle joy in your office or home. These delightful treats are not just any ordinary cookies; they're bundles of gingery goodness wrapped in smiles. Made with our secret recipe, these gingerbread gems will transport you to a land of pure deliciousness. As you reach into the jar, you'll feel like a cookie connoisseur, choosing from an assortment of perfectly spiced, freshly baked wonders. With each bite, you'll taste the love and care we put into crafting these delightful dainties. Whether you're in need of a sweet escape from work stress, craving a cosy treat at home or looking for a sweet lunchbox treat our Gingerbread Kids cookies are the answer. So, don't deny your taste buds the pleasure they deserve. Keep that cookie jar filled, and let the enchantment of gingerbread swirl around you, one delicious nibble at a time.

*cookie jar pictured is not supplied with cookies - it can be purchased separately