About Us

Talent – Quality – Passion – and a Touch of Quirkiness

Who we are

Molly Woppy Aout Us
Molly Woppy is a family owned artisan food company, passionate about our baking.
We love using classic recipes with fresh modern flavours, to create cookies you’ll crave and treats to treasure – for gourmet food lovers everywhere.

Where we started

From our humble beginnings baking biscotti at home, we quickly grew and now create a wide range of quality sweet and savoury products.

It all started when Alistair Parker was a chef working full-time at the Paramount restaurant in Auckland. It was a year when international interest in artisan foods was on the rise, while closer to home New Zealanders had a limited choice of biscotti to choose from.

It was this last point that had captured Alistair’s attention, as customers dining at the restaurant kept asking where they could buy the biscotti that they had been served with their coffee. With nowhere for customers to go, and a gap to be filled, Alistair decided to meet the market head on and start baking his own.

His partner – Hayley Molloy – was an immediate starter and between the two of them they ‘cooked up a plan’ to make biscotti at home and see how it went.   They juggled baking around raising two young boys and Alistair’s full-time job at the restaurant. After only six months, demand quickly outstripped the production capabilities of their conventional home oven. The couple bought a commercial oven, installing it in the home dining room.

Soon, that too was no longer enough, and their garden studio was converted into a full commercial kitchen. They hired their first employee to grade and pack the product.  New product lines were introduced and production continued to increase until the business had outgrown the studio.

It was at that point in 2003 that they decided to take the plunge and get commercial premises. A year later, Alistair was finally able to leave his full-time chef job which he had continued to work at while building the business.

A perfect blend of Alistair’s passion for flavour, as a base ingredient to developing a range of innovative foods, and Hayley’s drive to get things done and uphold the Molly Woppy philosophy, makes for a winning recipe.

Over the years they have continued to create and tinker with recipes and ideas that they know people will love, and ensure that all our products are made with love.

Our Team

Behind our brand is a dedicated team who pride themselves on consistency and reliability in both product and service.

Now, located in West Auckland, the Molly Woppy factory employs over 20 staff and plans are afoot for continued growth to increase the size of the business over the next two to three years.

While our company grows and our product range expands we continue to uphold our initial principles. The quality is always maintained and our products are made with the same original passion we started with.

Gingerbread Kid HelloOur Products

We like nothing better than to create and tinker with recipes and ideas that we know people will love. Coming up with New Zealand’s best-tasting gingerbread recipe and turning it out into a number of different ranges was a ‘piece of cake’.

Our gingerman is now proudly the Molly Woppy brand icon – adored by countless kiwis for his gingerlicious goodness. He has the perfect blend of sugar and spice, creating a gingerlicious crisp gingerbread that is packaged in a really fun way.

Molly Woppy bakes kiwi favourites, adding extra deliciousness, fantastic flavour and a sprinkling of fun. Gourmet treats for people who love really great baking.

Our passion is bringing innovative tastes and flavours to the market, creating products which are not mainstream but offer a creative twist or a unique flavour for all to enjoy.

The Molly Woppy range is now extensive comprising sweet and savoury products, as well as gluten and dairy-free options. We supply product to the foodservice industry and quality food stores across New Zealand.

Why Molly Woppy?

Molly Woppy is a nickname that Hayley Molloy was given growing up. As our name, it is playful, quirky and it still captures the essence of who we are as a company – innovative, creative and fun.

Our commitment to quality

While our company grows and our product range expands we continue to uphold our initial principles. The quality is always maintained and our products are made with the same original passion we started with.

All of our products are made by sourcing the finest ingredients available and are produced in small batches to ensure consistent high quality and fast turnaround.

The result is innovative, quality baked products with great flavours wrapped up in a lot of fun.

Are you ready for your love at first bite®?